It gives the crossbow the pulling power; its elasticity and solidity determines the degree of safety at the moment of release.

This is the system used to observe and draw the reference point on the saucer through a hole placed on top.

It houses the first landmark of an arrow. In fact, by moving the point by a well known measurement, we will have a mathematical shift of the arrow on the target.

From a shaped wooden beam made of seasoned national walnut starts the work of interlocking to obtain the bearing structure of the crossbow. Once the technical part is finished, the teniere is ennobled and graceful with carvings that personalize the object to make it unique and precious.

They block the release system to the teniere, creating a single block of wood and iron.

The release lever
It binds the walnut through a special steel strut that prevents the walnut from rotating, constituting a balanced and opposite pair of forces. The walnut, made of bronze, partially emerges from the top plate and accommodates both the string under tension and the end of the arrow. The release lever is in turn tied to the keeper by a small bridge on which is housed a safety mechanism that is activated when the crossbow is loaded.

The shoulder strap
It’s an iron that folds over the shooter’s shoulder. Thanks to this the crossbowman can be anchored to the crossbow and well blocked, resulting in a good stability on the shot.