The competition is played on a flat target, called “wheel” or “roll”, made of square-shaped wood with sides length of 35 cm.

Above there is a center composed of: a central white circle with a diameter of cm. 3 with a score of 30, then 10 concentric black circles at a distance of mm.5 one from the other starting from the score of 29 and scaling of 1 to 20, then 9 concentric white circles at a distance of cm.1, one from the other starting from the score of 18 and scaling of two points until reaching the score of 2.

In the official LITAB Competitions, 15 crossbowmen participate in the competition for each Company, of which 12 crossbowmen pull in the competition and 3 reserves.

Before the competition, each Company will place its own shooting bench in the position assigned to it in the draw, and from there the crossbowmen will shoot on their target, placed at a distance of 36 meters from the shooting bench and at a height of 2.5 meters from the horizontal level.